Ultimate Rose Makeover


"Roses are to perfume what love is to songs: a theme to which composers return throughout their lives" - Jean-Claude Ellena

This beautiful quote from the prolific French perfumer also resonates with skincare formulators far and wide. The benefits of Rose essential oil and Rose distillate for skin cannot be overestimated. Appropriately, we all gravitate to the Rose during this time of year when we celebrate love; whether that’s for someone else, or for ourselves.

At Nairian, we grow the famous Damask Rose (Rosa Damascene) on our highland farm, and we distill our own precious Rose Essential Oil and Rose Distillate. Many of our products contain these two ingredients, and we are proud to bring you these expertly crafted Rose scented routines, rich with the wholesome ingredients which are behind all of our products.

Ultimate Rose Makeover

  • Rose Micellar Water – Delicate micelles suspended in soothing Rose Water pick up light makeup and impurities, without ever drying or compromising your skin. We’ve added a dash of Rose Essential Oil, which imparts a high antioxidant content to protect you from environmental pollutants and premature aging. A touch of Glycerin leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Rose Petal Exfoliant –  This delicate powder is your key to radiant skin. We've blended Rose, Rice, and Burdock root powders which work together to gently remove dead skin. Our recipe also includes Thai Basil to brighten the complexion, and mineral-rich Red Clay to eliminate impurities.
  • Moisturizer of Choice –  Choose from Nairian's award-winning moisturizers in 30 ml bottles, uniquely designed to suit combination, oily, dry, and sensitive skin types. Read our blog post to see which one is right for you. Or, you can sub a moisturizer with our luscious, universally beloved anti-aging Firming Cream, designed to further tone and tighten skin.

Directions for how to use each product are printed on the product box. 

Ingredients for each product are printed on the product box.  

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