Introducing Rose Rewards—Loyalty Never Looked so Good

Here's the thing about Armenia: It may be small, but it sure is mighty. 

Our company is a testament to this truth, both in the country and outside of it. We've been overwhelmed by the excitement and joy that our products have been met with. Turns out, skincare from Armenia was just the thing natural skincare lovers in the US, as well as fans of Armenia abroad, were waiting for.

And what's most amazing is just how loyal our followers are. So many folks that try our products not only keep coming back, but also tell their friends and family. This is the kind of support that keeps us going, and it’s about time we found a proper way to reward you.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Nairian Rose Rewards, our very own loyalty program, named for our farm’s most prized crop, the Damask Rose.

How does it work? In order to receive the program’s benefits, you’ll first need to create an account with our store. Doing so generates a unique loyalty card code for your account, which functions like a refillable gift card. Whenever you earn rewards, this loyalty code will get “topped up” with Rose Bucks, a.k.a. dollars you can apply towards your next purchase of Nairian skincare. One Rose Buck equals one dollar you can spend at our store—simple as that!

Create an account today and earn 10 Rose Bucks right off the bat!

Earning rewards is easy, and the quickest way to accumulate Rose Bucks is to keep shopping! When you've hit a spending milestone, you’ll receive an email, informing you about the credit you’ve earned as well as your current Rewards balance. You can also check your balance any time by logging into your account and viewing our rewards page. Or simply visit our website and click on the Rose Rewards widget in the left hand corner.

When the time comes to apply your Rose Bucks, you can input your loyalty code in the “Gift Card or Discount Code” window upon checkout. Alternatively, you can press the “Apply Store Credit” button in the cart page or at checkout. Simple as Apricot pie, your Rose Bucks will then be applied to your order.

There's also a VIP component to our loyalty program, which is still under development. The goal behind this is to reward those who spend the most at our store each calendar year. We'll be launching this program at the beginning of 2022. When customers reach $500 spending in a calendar year, they will unlock Lavender, the first level, and earn 5% back on each order until the end of the year. Spending $1,000 each year unlocks the Apricot level, with 10% back until the end of the year. Spending $1,500 gets you Damask Rose status, where every order earns you 15% back. Levels get reset every calendar year.

You’ll also receive little surprises along the way—but we’ll let you discover those for yourselves! Your support not only buoys our sustainable farming practices, but ensures that the Armenian farmers and scientists behind them continue to thrive.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and welcome to Nairian Rose Rewards!

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